Best Android Phone Tips

The need to take care of our precious phones becomes more and more apparent the more popular they get. Not only are they our phones, they are our lifeline. Phones are no longer a privilege, they are a necessity. Below are some great tips on how to get the most out of your Android.

Take Care of Battery.

In most cases, Android phones have big batteries though still incredibly few of them are able to boast of having long battery life. Of course we have chargers, but it remains an excellent idea to take good care of the device battery.  How can you do this?

  • Employ a free battery app for optimal battery usage
  • Use an application killer for those unwanted processes
  • Remember to always deactivate those features which you are not currently using like Mobile Data or Wi-Fi.
  • Adjust the screen brightness

Update Android Version. Update Android

It is important to remember updating your Android phone. Occasionally, you may experience some hitches problems with your Android gadget simply for the reason you are having an outdated Android version. To eliminate this kind of hitch, you regularly should check if your phone has any updates and have them installed. Another great idea if updating your phone, is to transfer all your data to your computer before doing so. This protects everything you have on your phone in case something back happens in the update process. There is some great information about transferring files at this site

Don’t Overload Memory.

There is possibly nothing that can be worse than having your Android phone overloaded with tons of games and apps which you never utilize. In case you have many of those games and apps that you are not using, it would be a good idea to get rid of them since they unnecessarily are overloading your phone and its memory. You either could utilize Easy Uninstaller or the stock software to uninstall them.

Monitor your Device.

Just like you would do with your child or a puppy, it is vital to look after your Android phone. Luckily, for the Android case, it is possible to employ one of numerous great apps that have been designed specifically for monitoring Droids like the Android Assistant.

Don’t Use Outside apps.

This is perhaps among the most one of the most significant tips for Android phones. If possible stick to Google apps where there are hundreds of millions of them such that you really don’t need risking harming your device through some unknown and malicious app.

Overheating AndroidDon’t Allow Overheating.

A good number of most significant players in the Android phones arena are known to heat up rather easily and quickly. Sometimes, some of these phones become really hot.

If your phone’s battery temperature has gone beyond 40 degrees and the Central Processing Unit (CPU) usage is in excess of 90%, then definitely the phone needs a vital break. There are several available applications even from Google Store which could be of great assistance in helping you to monitor the battery usage and the phone temperature to avert it from overheating.

Use Protective Cases.

Today, majority of the Android phones are too huge for the ordinary pocket hence the need to carry them in some kind of bag or pouch. If you don’t wish to have your Android device damaged or have its screen scratched, definitely utilize some protective covering or a case or in least, a screen protector.