iPhone Advantages & Disadvantages

Let’s start with a few disadvantages, and some options on how to deal with them.

no iphone memoryDisadvantages

  • It does not have expandable memory since it comes along in only two variants: 16 and 8 GB inbuilt memory. This means that you have no opportunity of inserting an external memory card on your phone
  • Backing up all your data from your iPhone can be a major pain. If it’s not freezing every time you try, it will probably tell you that you don’t have enough storage to do a backup. However, there is a great site for step by step, easy backups found at http://howdoibackupmyiphone.com/backup-iphone/
  • It lacks instant messaging and MMS; a basic and necessary feature for phones. As a result, you cannot send and receive pictures via MMS
  • It has non-detachable battery; hence, you cannot replace your phone in case it dies off
  • It has limited options for service provision; hence, you cannot choose your own isp. This is because isp is only sold via certain Mobile Service Provider.


  • It has great media like integrated iTunes, You Tube, and iPod among others. As a result, your experience with its multimedia is enjoyable and outstanding.
  • It has a widget support that helps you enhance experience with your phone. Undeniably, all iPhone widgets that are present in any App store give you an outstanding outlook and touch.GPS navigation
  • It has great GPS navigation since it comes along with both Google Maps as well as GPS locator. This helps you get proper directions in an easy and simple manner. In addition, its app store have some features that give you the opportunity to download outstanding GPS downloads.
  • It further comes along with auto spell checkers. This helps you correct any spelling errors that you make while typing in an automatic manner. Again, it has a smart keyboard that automatically change its buttons placement in order to support approximately 21 languages
  • iPhone also enable you to network and synchronize your phone in an easy manner. This is because it comes along with several email support like Gmail and Yahoo as well as Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync service that give you the opportunity to synchronize your phone in real time.
  • It has an outstanding sound quality since the iPod has been bundled with the iPhone. You receive symphonic audio playback as well as calls that are qualitative and clear
  • If you are a gamer, iPhone will never disappoint you. It comes along with an accelerometer that has a high level of response. With iPhone you can automatically switches your screen resolution to either landscape or portrait any time you twist your phone in a sideway manner. In fact, iPhone are among the top most mobile gaming devices globally.
  • It has multi touch screen that help you navigate all onscreen controls with your fingers in an easy manner.

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